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The Saga of Starboy is a brand new short-story adventure from Cat and Meringue! Based on the illustrations of the daft duo done for Inktober (a yearly drawing challenge, encouraging artists to post a picture every day in October, following a list of predetermined prompts)

The book will be a perfect-bound, paperback, with 64 pages and 31 full-page, black and white illustrations, bringing the adventure to life!

To bring this book into the world, we are operating on a pre-order system locked at 20 pre-orders. Production won't begin until we have received those 20 orders! We have until the end the July 2019 to collect those orders, and if we fail, your pre-order money will be refunded. But if we do it earlier than the deadline, you'll get your book sooner!

So, if you want a copy, click the button to pre-order and pledge your interest! And if you want to really make sure this book gets made, tell all your friends to pre-order too!

Clicking this link will take you to our pre-order page using PayPal. You will pay now but if the necessary number of preorders have not been met by the end of July 2019, your money will be refunded. Postage costs will be added to your order.

Cat & Meringue: The Saga of Starboy  

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