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Cat and Meringue have recently set out on another adventure and I can't keep up with them! I need your help to spot them and report back to everyone with what they're up to!

The daft duo are out and about on the great sea of their crazy world and I need YOU to help me chronicle their adventures. To find out what they're up to, all you have to do is buy yourself some sweet original art! The original will be sent to you along with a totally awesome pin badge and a shot of it will be posted online to the C&M community with your name or handle credited as the one who snapped them, paparazzo style!

Over the months to come, Cat and Meringue will stop at many different islands, and will have wildly different adventures at each one. When you grab a piece of art of their adventure, it comes with the pin-badge of that island. Then, when they move on, if you grab another piece of art, you get a badge from the new island! So if you can keep up with the feline and pudding, you'll collect all the badges!

See below to find out where the preposterous partnership have currently docked and to check out their adventure so far. AND, to make sure you never miss a badge, consider signing up to the Cat and Meringue Patreon! (details down below!)

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Cat and Meringue are currently moored at the scary Maelstromhold, the zoo for misbehaving monsters! The creatures locked within its cages are fearsome and deadly, but weirdly you can buy a family season ticket for just a few MowPounds! What a world!

They'll be staying here until May 2019-ish. I’m not sure exactly when they’ll be moving on but you can keep up with their movements by subscribing to the Big Punch Studios newsletter or by following them on Instagram and Facebook (links at the top of the page)!


Until then though, this is your chance to find out what they’re doing there and who they’re meeting. And also, bag yourself that sweet limited edition pin badge!

Chilly Hills
Pin Badge


Wok Empire
Pin Badge



Arabian Bytes Pin Badge


MaelstromholdPin Badge


Original Art (+ FREE pin badge!)
Black and White £10.00
Colour £15.00
Personalised £20.00

What incredible secrets are there to discover at The Maelstromhold? Grab yourself a completely unique, completely original piece of Cat and Meringue art that chronicles their adventures in this new land! And also, get a limited edition Maelstromhold pin badge absolutely free (stock allowing)!

Do want to make sure you never miss a badge and have a complete collection? If you sign up to the Cat and Meringue Patreon, for just $2 a month you will receive a new island badge in the post every few months! You won't have to do a thing!

Not only that, but you will receive a sticker of that new island location too AND a digital postcard from Cat and Meringue themselves, telling you what they have gotten up to at their latest island destination!

So why not grab yourself all of the badges currently available from the Cat and Meringue store, and then sign up to the Patreon to never miss another one!

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