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Our heroes are exploring a whole new ocean and they're always discovering new islands in their travels! These islands are wildly varied with all sorts of creatures and characters to meet. Here's an encyclopaedic look at the islands Cat and Meringue have visited so far...



Chilly Hills is a land of snow-capped mountains and quaint towns and villages. It is a happy and peaceful place and scenic beyond belief. It is snowy in Chilly Hills all year round and the locals love the snow, especially because every time it snows there is a chance it is ice cream and not snow at all!

There are 3 peoples who live on this archipelago of frosted isles. The Anorax, little round chaps and chappesses who always stay bundled up in their warm coats to brave the cold, The Scoops, ice-cream people whose bodies are made of ice-cream and all wear colourful and unique cones as hats and the Hail, who are a little angrier about something and so keep their distance on some secluded islands at the edge of Chilly Hills territory.


The Wok Empire is a powerful but peaceful warrior nation ruled by the Tempuror, who sits on the Ramen Throne. This is a country of palaces and temples built in the branches of Sea Trees that sprout from the ocean floor and flower above the waves.

The people here are the Woksmen, proud defenders of the Eternal Noodles, a bowl of sacred noodles that sits atop their highest mountain. The Woksmen themselves practice an ancient Martial Art with chopsticks known as Kung Pow. Their capital city is known as Capital Satay and is a vibrant place of many peoples from all over the ocean who gather to try the wonderful foods of the Wok Empire.

Just be careful to only eat the food and not someone who looks like food but is actually alive!



A country of Genies and Robots living side by side. The Genies magicks and the Robots technology work in tandem to create a nation of complex computers and fantastic devices.


The Neon Markets are a particular highlight, with stalls selling magical tech, computer artefacts, sizzling street food and dreams. Actual dreams.

The islands are rich in history too with countless temples and towers from a time long ago, some in better shape than others. Seek out Djinn and Tronics bar nestled in the Markets, where you can get a cocktail with actual binary in it, or a choose from a selection of spirits that may actually be spirits.


The terrifying Maelstromhold is less a nation and more a test of courage! But once you have braved its near impossible-to-navigate whirlpool of an ocean around its base, and entered through its dungeon like caves and caverns, you'll be treated to a brilliant (albeit pant-fillingly scary) day out with the family!

The Maelstromhold is a monster zoo, holding some of the sea's weirdest, scariest and supernaturalest creatures. The fun quirk is however, that the cages aren't 100% effective, partly due to there being no staff, and partly due to the supernatural abilities of the monsters themselves.

Staying alive is a big part of enjoying the Maelstromhold, but if you're a thrillseeker then there's no greater challenge!


the locking quay

A very mysterious place (according to Cat). Airships from across the vast ocean come here to unload and trade, refuel and restock and the incredibly efficient Clockwork People within the mechanical interior of the padlock itself cater to their every need.

But the padlock must have been installed for a reason, it appears to be holding a mountain range closed. One can only wonder what would happen if someone was to find the key...


A place where castle turrets stick up straight out of the water, with further castle rooms and corridors extending into the depths, Chancesylvania is first and foremost a place for games... and secondly for Vampires.

Everything is a game here, you must roll dice to walk down the pavement, watching out for miss-a-go squares which will slow your journey down! Stay in a slot machine, gamble your hard earned, and enjoy a day and night of fun and luck, all year round!

JPEG image-B1510229EC99-1.jpeg


At first glance, a lost and barren land, but on closer investigation this couldn't be farther from the truth! It is a land of plentiful desserts, cinnamon rolls, bakewell tarts, ice cream and cherries, for those with a sweet tooth it is paradise.

However, be warned. It can be hard to distinguish what is the beautiful delicious scenery, and what is the beautiful delicious population of this tempting land. Consume with caution!

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