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Welcome to Treasure Bay, a sea so rich in treasure that Cat and Meringue and all their friends can’t help but go fishing for all the loot beneath the waves! Form your armada of treasure-hunting friends and then ship out to find the most pirate booty before the end of the game!


Each turn one of you will be trying to loot the waters and the other will be trying to barge their boats, interrupting their treasure hunting! And then, next turn, you’ll swap roles!


But Cat and Meringue and friends can never resist a friendly challenge between buccaneers. Whenever one armada issues a challenge, the challenged party must complete the task on the card – success allows play to continue as normal, but failure might mean having one of your crew sit out the next round of barging!


First player to reach the treasure goal wins the game!!



Together, decide what LOOT total you would like to play to. 3 is a nice quick game, 5 is a medium length game and 10 is a long game.

Make sure you both have the same number of heroes in your armadas. 2 or 3 is the best amount but you can play with as many as you like!


Player to go first is the person who last was in or on water. (rain doesn’t count!) First player loots first.


Each turn consists of a looting player and a barging player. Then next turn these roles swap. The looting player is trying to get a higher loot score than the barging player’s barge score each turn.


To play a round, the looting player rolls all the dice of his armada. They may then place their dice anywhere there is a square dice zone for a dice to be placed (multiple dice CAN be placed on the same card if there are open zones).


To place a die into a dice zone, the die must fulfil the requirements of the zone, this is usually shown by a number inside a triangle. If the triangle is grey then any colour dice can be placed in the zone. If it is a colour then only that colour can be placed in the zone. If there is a number inside a downward pointing triangle then this means that number or below can placed here. If there is a number inside an upward pointing triangle then this means that number or above can be placed here. If the right die is placed in a zone then you may activate that zones text.


If the number is inside a circle, then the exact number must be matched to fulfil that zone.


If a dice is placed in the LOOT zone of a card (top left of the card) then this counts as 1 to the LOOT score that turn. If a player places 3 dice in 3 separate LOOT zones on their 3 cards then they present a LOOT score of 3 to their opponent.


Then it’s the opponent’s turn to roll for their BARGE score. They want to match the looting player’s LOOT score, otherwise the looter will successfully LOOT this turn. They roll their dice and place them in the BARGE zones of their cards (top right of the card). Each dice placed in one of these BARGE zones counts as 1 to their BARGE score this turn.


If the looting player’s LOOT score exceeds the barging player’s BARGE score, then the difference is how much LOOT the looting player succeeds in dredging up from the ocean floor. Add those LOOT points to your LOOT total. If the barging players BARGE score is higher than the looting players LOOT score then nothing happens.


First player to reach the LOOT total wins the game!




At any time after a player has rolled their dice, if they meet the challenge requirements, they may place a dice in their challenge zone and challenge their opponent. Challenges help reduce the number of opposing bargers when you’re looting! (Sometimes challenges do other things too, make sure to read the challenge text carefully first)


When you place a die in a Challenge zone, follow the instructions for the challenge on the card. Challenges take place in the challenge area of the arena, the very centre between the 2 players (unless otherwise specified).


If you challenge in your LOOT turn, the challenge is played out before your opponent rolls for their BARGE. If they fail the challenge, the results will affect what they can roll for their BARGE turn.


If you challenge in your BARGE turn, the challenge is played after the looting players LOOT score is calculated. If your opponent loses the challenge then the results will affect what they can roll for their next BARGE turn.


If more than one challenge is played on a turn they resolve in the order decided by the challenging player. If a player fails a challenge, they cannot use the dice/card they failed the challenge with, for the next challenge. Once all the challenges are done, all of the dice/cards that failed their challenges sit out of that player’s next BARGE round.


If you fail a challenge with a dice, that dice and its corresponding card cannot be used in its players next BARGE round. Choose which characters you enter into challenges carefully!




  • Coloured cube: If this coloured die is used on this card, then the text here resolves.

  • 3 cubes stacked: The requirement for this power to resolve involves all the dice you roll this turn.

  • Circle in a zone: When there is a circle in a dice zone that means you must put that exact number in this zone for the power to activate. The colour of the circle dictates the dice that can be placed there. (Grey means any colour)

  • Star: These are challenge abilities. These abilities apply to this card’s die when used in challenges.

  • Ally: Ally abilities resolve when another specific card is present in your armada.

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