Cat and Meringue sail around the ocean in a 'Catamaran'... get it? I know... hilarious. Believe me, the title tells you everything you need to know about Cat and Meringue, that's the funniest it gets... it's all downhill from here... wait... no... COME BACK!

The feline and pudding partnership started life as a daily comic that I drew. I drew one strip every single day for 1000 days (the best part of 3 years!). They grew their own little community and fanbase online and so I collected all of their 1000 strips into one awesome 412 page book, thanks to wildy successful Kickstarter campaign!

This was their first adventure, in 4-panel black and white daily strips. 

Cat and Meringue are also branching out into all sorts of new territories and mediums. With a burgeoning merchandise line, a video game in development and loads of brand-new stories and books on the horizon this couldn't be a more exciting time to discover the daft duo!


But the truth is, its still very early days for the preposterous partners. There's a lot of work to be done on their various projects before they will be ready... so until then, why not support them by liking their Facebook page, discovering their first 1000 strips in their big book and maybe if you're feeling super generous, by heading over to our Patreon to donate just $2 dollars a month! Your support will help all sorts of awesome Cat and Meringue things come to life, plus you will receive a limited edition pin badge and postcard every few months!

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