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1000 days of adventure

Cat and Meringue. Catamaran. Get it?

Welcome to the world of a feline and a pudding at sea in a twin-hulled boat. Cat and Meringue started life as a comic that I drew EVERY SINGLE DAY but quickly grew into so much more.  Their first adventure is 1000 strips long and is all collected in one amazing 412 page book! Have a read of some of the strips below and if you like it you can buy them all for just £15 plus postage! I know right?

The Book

So if that little flavour of the quality of comickery and humour can expect from the daring duo piqued your comics gland then you're in luck! You can get ONE THOUSAND times that in this amazing coffee table tome of wonderment! Not only that, but if you order it from here, the artist will sign it for you! They make great 'toilet books'* i'm told.

* a book that lives in your toilet so that you can read a strip or two when you're doing your business!

Paperback, 412 pages, black and white, tonnes of bonus artwork in the back!

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