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Tales from the Secret Sea - S2 - 43

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Lucia Williamson-Waggoner
Lucia Williamson-Waggoner
Jul 01, 2021

Rather paradoxically, judging by the fact that this is the best idea that the result of Steve's idea could come up with, Steve's idea was terrible too. Sorry, Steve. I blame the Tronics more than you. If only they hadn't had that update...they'd probably be able to function way better. So I guess it's the updater's fault.

I mean, seriously, what kind of monster would reprogram adorable tiny robots with the crushing burden of death and despair!? My money's on either Vanta Ray or the artist. Or maybe Derek, but he's still stranded on a post-it note, so he's off the list. Still wouldn't put it past him, though...I never liked Derek. Kidnapping mum cats and attractive female puddings. I…

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